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About the All of Us Research Program

The National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to collect and study data from at least one million people living in the United States. The goal of All of Us is to speed up health research discoveries, enabling new kinds of individualized health care. To make this possible, the program is building one of the world’s largest and most diverse databases for health research. The program aims to reflect the diversity of the United States and to include participants from communities that have been underrepresented in health research in the past.

The All of Us Research Program is dedicated to providing support to institutions that have a documented historical mission or historical commitment to training underrepresented students. The program recognizes the important role these institutions have played in supporting scientific research, particularly on diseases or conditions that disproportionately impact racial and ethnic minorities and other U.S. populations that experience health disparities. Although these institutions are uniquely positioned to engage underrepresented populations in research and in the translation of research advances into culturally competent, measurable, and sustained improvements in health outcomes, they often lack sufficient capacity to conduct and sustain cutting-edge health-related research.

About the All of Us Researcher Academy

The All of Us Researcher Academy is a comprehensive program that provides training and technical assistance for researchers who are conducting research with the All of Us Researcher Workbench—the cloud-based analytics platform where registered researchers can access data from All of Us participants. The academy also supports peer-to-peer learning and network-building among researchers and students.

The academy is dedicated to providing support to institutions that have a documented historical mission or historical commitment to training underrepresented students. Currently, the All of Us Researcher Academy resources are free for students, faculty, and post-docs at institutions with a track record of training researchers underrepresented in the biomedical workforce. See the Notice of NIH’s Interest in Diversity for examples of groups that have been shown to be underrepresented in the biomedical research workforce.

RTI International leads the All of Us Researcher Academy in collaboration with the All of Us Research Program’s Division of Engagement and Outreach. The division partners with community organizations nationwide to foster relationships with participants, researchers, and health care providers. The academy and other researcher engagement activities are central to building a diverse community of researchers.

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Mentor and Internship Opportunities

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Course Offerings

The academy resources are available at no cost to all registered researchers based on availability. Registration is open for the following courses:


April 2024

Introduction to Publishing Health Data in Academic Journals

Live virtual course
April 4, 2024, 3:00–4:15 pm ET and
April 11, April 18, May 2, 2024, 3:00–4:00 pm ET

Instructor: Dr. Vabren Watts

A short course series helping to guide participants in the academy with their career paths and informing them of requirements and opportunities that are essential for their success in STEM or STEM-related research. This course is ideal for undergraduate or graduate students interested in publishing their research for the first time.

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April 2024

Mindfulness Practices for Health Researchers

Live virtual course
April 22–25, 2024; 5:15–5:45 pm ET

Instructor: Dr. TJ Exford

This course will lead participants through a progression of mindfulness exercises for health researchers. Participants will learn to intentionally focus their attention, understand what mindfulness is and how it makes a difference, and be able to use mindful attitudes like acceptance, kindness, gratitude, and loving-kindness. This course is ideal for everyone.

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